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Cyentia Podcast

Jan 21, 2020

Jay and Ben are joined by Daniel Woods. Daniel is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. He received his doctorate titled “The Economics of Cyber Risk Transfer” from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. During his PhD, he visited the Security Economics Lab at...

Dec 12, 2019

Jay, Wade, Ben and David come together to talk about Veracode's State of Software Security report Volume 10. It can be found at Veracode's website:

Nov 25, 2019

Jay, Ben and David talk about the Vegas summer conferences and the Exploit Prediction Scoring System announced at Blackhat 2019.

Jul 30, 2019

We welcome David Severski to both Cyentia and the podcast and discuss his outlook on security. Then we turn towards Blackhat 2019 where we have five events we are participating in! Find the full list of events we are doing at

May 31, 2019

Jay and Wade are joined by Alex Pinto, Dave Hylender, Gabriel Basset and Suzanne Widup, the authors behind the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.